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Wolfe Farms is located in Valleyview, AB, Canada. We breed Fleckvieh Simmental cattle and sell 18-month-old bulls and bred heifers annually. We calve out over 200 registered cows every April/May. Wolfe Farms continues to breed functional cattle for the beef industry- focusing on doability, structural correctness, and muscle definition, that will work for our customers for many years.

Our 16th Annual Fleckvieh Bull & Female Sale will be next December.

Tony Wolfe


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 2019 Feature Bulls & Females
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Alix Farming Co. Ltd

Blazin J Inc.*

Wallace & Daina Calder*

Bradley & Deborah Chapman

Cody Chapman

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Chelsie Dillabough*

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Rob & Kendra Elzinga*

Peter D. Froland

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HBCR Valley Farming Co.*

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Jassman Farm Ltd.*

Travis Jassman

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Eddy Klassen

Lone Stone Farms

Brad McLaughlin*

Garth Meehan*

North Point Angus*

Peace View Colony*

Jim Peel*

Landen Poyser

John Prinse*

Todd Sawchuck

Schamber Ranch*

Simonette Livestock Ventures

South Peace Colony*

Gaylen J. Spencer

Brian & Deanne Stratuliak*

Turner Farms/Condon Farms*

Willcooke Simmentals*

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2018 Feature Bulls & Females

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Alix Farming Co. Ltd*

Birkenhagen Farms

Blazin J Inc.

David Baudin

Loren Brad

Chamberland Farms*

Charissa Cattle Co. Ltd.

Cody Chapman

Todd Dobbyn*

David Doerksen 

Peter Dorekson

Phillip H. & Susan Driedger

Dry Valley Ranch*

Rob & Kendra Elzinga*

Henry S. Fehr

Dennis Flemming

HBCR Valley Farming Co. Ltd.*

Walter & Valerie Hedges 

Joseph Edith Jakubow

Ed Johnson*

Kevin Lang Farms*

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William Lewchuk

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Peace View Colony*

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South Peace Colony*

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Turner Farms/Condon Farms

Turtle Mountain Reds

Valleyview Ranch Colony*

Vern Tremblay Farms*

Robert & Barbara Viravec

Kevin Wigley

Willcooke Simmentals*

Warren Wohlgemuth*

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2017 Feature Bulls and Females

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Alix Farming Co. Ltd. *

Birkenhagen Farms

Blazin J Inc. *

Matthew Bogner *

Loren Brad *

Chamberland Farms 

Reuben Dyck

Henry S. Fehr

Peter Fehr *

HBCR Valley Farming Co. Ltd. *

Hollingworth Farms Ltd. *

Joseph & Edith Jakubow

Jassman Farms *

Rocky & Lynda Johnson *

Klassen Ranching *

Brad McLaughlin *

Garth Meehan

John Neufeld 

Peace View Colony *

Jim Peel

Ryan Quist *

Rollingview Ranch Simmentals 

Allan Ratzlaff

Small Time Farms *

South Peace Colony *

Bill Smith *

Don Smith *

Turtle Mountain Reds

Travis Trask *

Valleyview Ranch Colony

Willcooke Simmentals *

George Wiebe

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2016 Feature Video

2016 Feature Bulls